Felicitas Kapatou-Sieber

I met this beautiful, amazing couple with their sweet boy (NOT!) accidentally on my flight back from Chicago to Athens. I am so happy I got to know Llewellyn a little, and she told me all about this amazing wedding they had planned. I absolutely adore the pictures, and definitely have found the photographer for my kid’s weddings, once that day will arrive! Just wonderful! <3

Thank you Felicitas Kapatou for your lovely words!!!

Gregory captured the spirit of Llewellyn and Mike’s wedding so well. There are so many shots that are totally mesmerizing and artistic. These are some of the best photographs I’ve ever seen taken of friends and family! Amazing work!

Thank you Michael!!!

I could not have expected or anticipated what an amazing photographer Gregory Kalampoukas could have been! He was able to capture the true romance and progression of our evening. These photos are breath taking and invoke deep feeling. His eye for composition is that of a true artist. He was able to work with the natural light restrictions and still produce amazing, quality shots. I came around the world to have this wedding and it was a leap of faith to trust the photos to someone I had not worked with or even met before. I don’t know how it happened but I ended up picking one of the best photographers there is. I can’t thank him enough for being so trust worthy, kind and brilliant! Llewellyn <3

Thank you Llewellyn for your kind words. Two words only for your wedding “True Love”

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