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Hello | I am Gregory

And for the last 8 years i'm a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER based in beautiful GREECE!!!

A wedding in Monemvasia Castle

Andrew & Effie

A stone civilization. A place where poets were born and dreamers walked. Andrew & Effie chose to get married with a castle for backdrop, and the Castle of Monemvasia is definitely an awesome place for a wedding. They were surrounded by their best friends and family, and the party was more than epic. It was an honor to document their love.


My goal in every wedding is to tell not just a love story but a Storie About Love, and that's the difference. At the end it's like reading a good book with a happy ending and not only pictures. A story can be told in words placed in sentences by a storyteller, me as a photographer i see words depicted in every wedding. So here are some words for my photography just to explain my style!!!

Journey, faith, life, travel, partner, special, dream, frame, trust, destination, loving, story, artistic, party, dance, friend, weird, different, wander, capture, unique, documentary, shooting, emotion, imagine, bright, enjoy, crazy, professional, fine art, happiness, believe, observer, pretty, hugs, honest, adventure, heart, natural, true, fun, modern, romance, forever.

A next day session in Rome

Christos & Aggeliki

“A newly married couple decide to do the next day photography session in Rome, Italy two days after their wedding. Christos & Aggeliki have visited Rome many times so they decided to spread their happiness of marriage in the streets of this beautiful city. Their honeymoon reminds me of the movie of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn: “Roman Holiday”. I’ve been there for three days capturing their love among citizens and tourists. The couple heard many times from people in the streets “Have a good and long life!” and that’s the best part of it!!!”


Michael & Llewellyn

A wedding in Villa Delenia

I love the ‘hidden gem’ wedding destinations. And I love intimate weddings. I also love the breathtaking Greek islands! Michael & Llewellyn headed for the Aegean island of Evia, a mere hour and a half away from Athens, but another world away in terms of peace, tranquility and privacy. Greek islands are often characterized by their stark white buildings surrounded by cobalt blue sea and sky, so heavy storm clouds are a bit of a departure from the norm in this wedding.

Enjoy the full Story

An anniversary session in Vourvourou, Halkidiki

Kostas & Kiki

After an epic wedding almost a year, the anniversary session and the love of these two birds is definitely a skyrocket. The couple, the sea, the nature and the magical hour definitely combined an awesome background for some awesome shots celebrating their love again!!!

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Choosing your wedding photographer is a sensible matter, so if you find my work interesting